This page hosts random experiments with PennyGen

Current Project:  WebChain

Just by leaving your browser open on this page, you'll be helping us progress!

We are closely watching WebChain, a new cryptocurrency.  This page is part of the examination process.

Current Project:  Charity Button  (Must be 18+)

By clicking the Charity Button below, you'll be doing a good deed.  Ads will pop up, some may make you wait a few seconds, then you might be taken to one of our favorite websites, Charity Watch.  Or not.

You can donate there, if you want.  But we will be donating ALL advertiser revenue from these button clicks.

You can click it all day long, if you want.  We can't control content from this button, which is why it must be for adults only!

Want a voice about which charity?  Join Premium.

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